ESX Direct Terms & Conditions

     Terms and Conditions

  • Every seller must follow map pricing policy for every products with map imposed.
  • Our restocking fee is 25% of the total sales.
  • Damaged or lost items from our vendors are entitled for a refund.
  • Products that are damaged or lost on its way to Amazon is out of our scope and we are not liable for this.
  • All orders must be purchased upfront in full (No payment plans)
  • ESX Direct is neither liable nor responsible for your eligibility to sell on platforms such as Amazon, eBay & other 3rd party selling platform.
  • We at ESX Direct suggests you to purchase products that you are already able to sell, we do not guarantee that our invoice will help you get ungated as we do not have power over Amazon or other 3rd party selling platform decisions in terms of un-gating.